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Bell Super 2R Chinbar – Matte Black Small Review

Bell Super 2R Chinbar – Matte Black Small Review





    • Removable chin bar for quick and easy trail riding adaptability
    • Wraparound protection
    • WEIGHT: 332 Grams
    • VENTS: 6




“… A Little Hesitant About Adding This Onto My Bell Super 3 Helmet (Yes These Super two Chinbars Function For …”

Update : I had been struck by a car and look at exactly what happened to my eyeglass lens. Without the chin bar, which I had on the helmet to get just a few weeks – which horrific graze over pavement with my face down and only the chinbar maintaining my eye socket out of complete contact with the ground… My helmet, incidentally, was smashed by the impact with the sidewalk but my skull and face were uninjured. I purchased the following Bell Super3R. You cant argue with that kind of success.equalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsequalsORIGINAL REVIEW FOLLOWS:At first I was a little reluctant about adding this onto my Bell Super 3 helmet (yes these Super two chinbars work for your Super 3). I planned on removing it when conditions permitted and just affixing it once I felt I had the added protection. That thought lasted for a single day. First of all, this thing is not the simplest thing to remove and put on. Its simple either. Its simply not suitable. It turned out not to be a bother to simply leave the thing on – and also gain from the additional protection full time. Its not a complete face protector like a motorcycle helmet… its called a chin bar for a reason: Its angled way down so it wraps around your chin. Your face remains completely visible, which can be handy, in particular when you would like a drink of water (I have to hold down the bar a bit to find up the bottle to my mouth).The cheek (jaw) pads pushed into me over I desired. I found they have a velcro closure in the back and it is simple to eliminate one of the two foam pieces indoors to decrease thickness by about 80%. Its perfectly comfortable for me now.

Bell Super 2R Chinbar – Matte Black Small Review | BEHSUPRCBS Review


“Worth The Money, Save Yourself Or Kids From Stitches! ”

We bought this corner pub to decide on our Bell super two helmet. The fit is very snugg and isnt going anywhere! It can be eliminated, but it’s on really tight and might take a while muscle to loosen the latches to remove it from the helmet. We purchased this helmet and chin bar combo for our 2 and 4 year olds. There are practically no choices for regular full face bicycle helmets in the usa. Our 6 year-old split open his chin and got stitches and a major scar when he was 2 years old on his own Strider, since then we have bought full face helmets from out of the country to acquire a lightweight, fully vented bike helmet with a face guard. This is the best American alternative we’ve seen by far. Buy this and save yourself a visit to the ER or urgent care!

Bell Super 2R Chinbar – Matte Black Small Review | BEHSUPRCBS Review


“Buy It! ”

I crashed hard, on my face and this held up. I have a sore neck as a substitute for a jaw. This chinbar is well worth every cent you pay for it. Buy it.

Bell Super 2R Chinbar – Matte Black Small Review | BEHSUPRCBS Review