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Sportline Cardio 660 Men’s Monitor (BLACK) Review

Sportline Cardio 660 Men’s Monitor (BLACK) Review


Model: SP1446BK



    • Heart Rate and % of Max Display
    • Calorie & Fat-Burn Tracker
    • Fat-Burn Zone Indicator
    • Workout Memory
    • Coded Heart Rate Transmission



SP1446BK Reviews

“So Much- Really Pleased”

This is a fantastic monitor up to now. My last unit was becoming sketchy-even using a new chest strap. This unit grabs fairly quickly, and contains a multi-channel chest strap which is a wonderful thing. It operates pretty easily-which is fairly crucial as well-trying to strike buttons scroll down and such while in the center of a journey or ride is really a pain and dangerous-but not with this-it scrolls easily and is simple to read. It communicates with the gym equipment heart rate features as well. Additionally, this is how I know it’s pretty accurate. It stays within several beats (usually right on) and even quite close in calories too. So unless the pedals, elliptical and bike at the fitness center are all inaccurate too, the opinion component of the set needs to be receiving the signal and calculating fairly accurately. The setup is very simple also. Fantastic set of features-heart rate and carbs in real time and in the conclusion of a workout you’ll be able to scroll through low, high,and normal hr, calories, and fat burned. Adequate price too. And the watch band is kind of cool….both looking and literally.

Sportline Cardio 660 Men’s Monitor (BLACK) Review | SP1446BK Review


“Not Bad”

I made this product so I could optimize my workouts by maintaining in the appropriate heart rate zones. It’s amazing for that! I also really enjoy that many machines in the gym (all I ;ve used to date) read your heart rate signal without you having to hold onto these stupid handles all the time. Your hands/arms are free to do whatever you do together while you work out. The only down side Ive noticed up to now is that if anyone within six feet of you is using the same brand, they interfere with each other. It says you can change the channels, but doing so hasnt relieved the interference yet. Nevertheless, I recommend this product. Just dont workout alongside me should you buy it! 😀

Sportline Cardio 660 Men’s Monitor (BLACK) Review | SP1446BK Review


“Are You Kidding Me? This Hrm Is Great! ”

I looked at all the various heart rate monitors from Garmin and Polar and didnt want to spend the amount of money they needed to bill for their more complex components. I fortunately stumbled upon the Sportline Cardio 660 and love it! It gives me a number of the geeky added features that I like such as revealing calories burned along with a fat burn alert. Also, both the torso strap and main unit have rechargeable batteries employing standard lithium CR2032s. Top it off with a built-in chronograph, countdown timer and alarm and its all I needed at a HRM. Heck, the chest strap is comfortable, which I definitely didnt expect for the price. Im not sure what the going price is at this time, but I got this unit from Amazon to get a cent under 60. That is a definite 5-star HRM in my novel.

Sportline Cardio 660 Men’s Monitor (BLACK) Review | SP1446BK Review