Monday , September 16th 2019
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Marval.P Compatible for Fitbit Charge 3 Bands, Handmade Leather Charge 3 SE Band, Replacement Unique Bracelet Strap, Wristbands with Adjustable Size, Fashion Wrist Band Straps for Women Men Lover

Product Features:

    🎉🎉Improvement🎉🎉After receiving customer feedback from charge 2 handmade band, we have made some improvements:1. Snap will increase to 4 snap, fit for 5.5~8.5" wrist.2. Reinforce the knot with Environmental Glue, will not be broken easily.3. Also Reinforce the snap for broken.4. Leather would be soft and with the time…
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Product Description

After receiving customer feedback from charge 2 handmade band, we have made some improvements:
1. Snap will increase to 4 snap, fit for 5.5~8.5″ wrist.
2. Reinforce the knot with Environmental Glue, will not be broken easily.
3. Also Reinforce the snap for broken.
4. Leather would be soft and with the time goes, it will be softer.
5. Strong snap, with 2 snap closed, you can wear for running and gym and yoga.

🎉🎉Handmade band🎉🎉

Soft’N Durable for daily use, never be the same as other! Cutting from a whole leather and made by ourself, kind of Steampunk style.
More Colors would be released, add to wishlist or cart for knowing in time.

Adjustable, and suitable for 5.5~8.5″ wrist, about 15~22.5cm.
Easy to wear, it’s not like the complex closure that you might have to cut, measure, even need 2 persons to wear it, and not friendly to take off.
No, you just need 1 sec to wear or take off using our new closure.
It’s not designed for sport or high-intensity activity, if you need to wear for running or gym, make sure you have closed at least 2 snaps.

🎉🎉Gift Wrapping?🎉🎉
If you choose fulfilled by Amazon, it’s available, and suitable for Birthday gift, Halloween, Anniversary, Black Friday Cyber Monday,
Christmas new year and.
Alternative strap stylish and attractive color makes this Fitbit Charge 3 look fantastic with your smart watch giving a nice professional look on any occasion.

30 days with no-question asking return plus 12 months guarantee with brand new replacement sent if broken.

Marval Power is an old brand on Amazon since 2015 and will keep surprising our customers with honest ‘N quality.
If you like it, you can leave us ***** stars to support us, any questions would be replied within 6 hours.

Product Features

  • 💚Marval.P new handmade leather band for Fitbit Charge 3/ Fitbit Charge 3 SE ONLY, watch is not including. Upgraded to new version, with 4 snaps on the tail, to reinforce and secure the closure. For at least 2 snaps closed, you are able to wear it for slow running/gym/yoga now! Leather would be more soft than previous version.
  • 💚Adjustable size by 4 snaps controlled, no need to cut or install, forget about the complex step, 1 sec to put on or take off. Size would be fit for 5.5~8.5″ wrist. (better to close 2 snaps if possible)
  • 💚Soft 2nd Layer Genuine leather, just cut off from a whole leather, no bad smell or color fading, no more added or chemical things, you get what you’ve seen.
  • 💚Steampunk style, with modern tech watch, technology and aesthetic crossed together, back to the Victorian and seeing the miracle again!
  • 💚Unique gift for any occasion: Christmas, Thanksgiving Day,, Mother’s Day, Wedding Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine’s day etc as a gift. 30 days return for no reason, 6 months warranty for new replacement, please feel free to contact us if anything.