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Meta 360 Fitness | Ab & Full Body Gliding Trainer | Core-Based Trainer | Portable Travel Home Gym & Exercise Equipment | Patented Design | Knee Pads Included | 1 Pair of META360 Devices

Product Features:

    Do you want to work out, but don't always know what to do or how to start? The portable META360 handheld workout device is all you need! Perform hundreds of different exercises and effectively work every muscle without ever having to hit the gym.Unlike similar products on the market,…
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Product Description

Do you want to work out, but don’t always know what to do or how to start? The portable META360 handheld workout device is all you need! Perform hundreds of different exercises and effectively work every muscle without ever having to hit the gym.

Unlike similar products on the market, our patented design provides a surface that is safer and creates a platform for enhanced full body toning and strengthening. Easily modify any workout for your fitness level and build strong muscles in a healthy and safe way.

Why META360

META360 is an innovative exercise technology that helps you maintain control with a smooth motion in any direction. It provides a unique platform where a safe and real 360 metamorphosis of the body can occur.

META360 Features:

  • Workout Versatility
  • Tone & Train Every Muscle
  • Portable, Lightweight, and Easy to Store
  • Simple and Safe to Use
  • Smooth Movement in Any Direction
  • Compatible with All Fitness Levels
  • Includes FREE Knee Pads & Suggested Exercises so that you can make the most of your META360 device.

You will feel the improvement of your workouts in the first session.

Your experience with META360 is important to us. We use only the highest quality materials and a design that creates an easier, safer, and more efficient workout.

Product Features

  • CORE STRENGTHENING: Core strength training is more than a fitness fad or the pursuit of a toned stomach. A strong core helps with good posture, a healthy back, stability, mobility, and balance, among other benefits. The core is not made up of abdominal muscles alone, it also includes the obliques, pelvic floor muscles, glutes, and all of the muscles in your back. Every movement you make originates from your core, which is why we developed this innovative, core-focused, whole body fitness tool.
  • ALL FITNESS LEVELS: Whether you’re a strength training guru or a fitness novice, you can include META360 exercise gliders in your workout routine for added gains. They provide smooth, controlled motion and an added layer to body weight training and isometric exercises, such as mountain climbers, planks, chest flies, cross lunges, toe circles, seated bridge, and yoga poses. No matter your level of fitness, this exercise equipment will enhance each exercise so you get more from every workout.
  • PATENTED DESIGN: META360 is not just another ab roller, it is a new generation, core-based trainer, designed with contoured handles that provide a secure grip and durable toe slots for maximum traction and versatility. Typical slider discs lack the traction needed to keep your hands or feet in place throughout each workout, making it difficult to hold poses and maintain fluidity of movement without constant adjustment. META360 is made with safety, convenience, and workout efficiency in mind.
  • LOW-IMPACT, FULL BODY TONING: Constant high-impact workouts can cause stress on bones, joints, and muscles. Although each type of exercise is beneficial if performed correctly, cross training with low-impact exercises gives your body a break and allows for healthier workout results. This sliding workout device can effectively tone your entire body. The smooth gliding motion and patented low-impact design ensures controlled multi directional movement for superior toning and strengthening.
  • PERFECT HOME GYM ADDITION: Whether you have a fully optimized home gym or are looking for a versatile, full-body exercise machine to improve your personal workout routines, this device is the perfect addition. The simplified and compact design allows for enhanced home or gym workouts with easy gliding exercises and convenient storage when you are not using it. Easy to store and access in your home exercise room, under your bed, in your closet, or in your gym bag.